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The Istituto Statale “E. Montale” is a secondary school situated in the industrial and commercial town of Pontedera, in the heart of Tuscany, near the well-known towns of Pisa, Florence and Siena.
We provide a high quality education with an emphasis on all round development, so as to enable our pupils to achieve and develop a good level of skills, know ledge and competence, and we aim to produce happy and successful individuals who are well prepared for twenty first century life.
Our school is based in three separate buildings with classrooms, library and IT, Language and Science laboratories. There are currently 46 classes w here the 1,054 pupils - aged between 14 and 19 who
come from a variety of backgrounds -  are taught by 106 teachers.
Our curricula follow three paths:
• Liceo delle Scienze Umane, whose broad-based curriculum focuses on the study of Social Sciences and includes Psychology, Pedagogy, Anthropology and Sociology;
• Liceo economico-sociale which introduces the students to subjects related to business law and economics;
• Liceo Linguistico, whose broad and stimulating curriculum includes a wide range of subjects and concentrates on the study of three modern languages through the communicative approach.
In the Liceo Linguistico, pupils can choose between the Historic-Literary course or the Tourist course. Both are essentially the same as regards the subjects studied, but in the Tourist course,content matter in some subjects is related to the travel and tourism industry.
All paths are focused on preparing the students for their future, either at University or in the working world.
We also provide pupils with a wide range of extra -curricular opportunities. Some of the most significant are:
• Preparatory courses to the following Examination Boards Certifications: Trinity College of London, Cambridge ESOL (English), Delf (French), Göethe Institut (German), Istituto Cervantes (Spanish)
• Cultural exchanges, study-stays abroad; E-Twinning and Socrates-Comenius projects
• Work experience placements in environments related to the course of study;
• Preparatory courses for the European Computer Driving Licence;
• Sports groups
In order to meet the individual needs of all pupils so that they benefit as fully as possible from
the education they receive and fulfill their individual potential, we organize various activities, such as:
- Reception groups for the first Forms
- Learning support for pupils with Special Educational Needs
- Lessons of Italian as a foreign language for non-italian students
- Afternoon tuition in small groups for general revision or remedial work
- Drama club.
- Chinese language courses
Important qualities such as empathy, emotional intelligence, team working and co-operation are best fostered in an environment where boys and girls work together, and where the emphasis is on valuing the individual.