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IES Rayuela - Móstoles - Madrid

Our General Secondary School named IES Rayuela is located on the outskirts of Mostoles (about 12 kilometres from Madrid), next to the Rey Juan Carlos University Campus. It has a community of 800 students and 43 teachers. Different kinds of educational levels are taught at our school:  Compulsory Secondary Education, three kinds of Secondary level teaching phases

(Science & Technology, Humanities&Social Scienc and Scenics Arts, Music and Dance) We have also students with special needs in PCPI courses of Carpentry&Furniture and Cookery.

As for the general characteristics of our students, they range between the age of 12 first year of  Secondary school to 18 at second year of Bach. On one hand students attending the ESO (compulsory Secondary Education~) generally live in the neighbourhood of the school, and belong to the middle-low class, with moderate social and financial means. On the other hand students attending Scenics Arts, Music and Dance Bach. come from various cities around our town. Our School is one of the only seven schools that teach Escenic Arts, Music and Dance Bach. in the Community of Madrid, and the only one in our town.