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The films will be about early school dropout: problems, causes, consequence or recommendations

to avoid it.

The films must last 3 min maximun.

The films must be silent. Background music and captions in english can be used.

The use of materials with copyright is not allowed. This includes music, images and stories. If you

want to include any of them they must be original or free copyright.

As the films might be presented in schools, drugs, alcohol or tobacco must not appear in them.

Films could be recorded in any device. This includes mobile phones, video cameras and photo


Dead line 7 March

Techincal recommendations:

• File format: .mp4 or .mov

• Resolution: 1280 x 720

• Codec: H.264

• FrameRate: 25 fps

• Audio: PCM Stereo 48KHz 16bits

• Maximun size: 600 megas

TIPS: Try to create impactful films that transports the viewer to a specific place. In your film, try to

highlight problems and consequences of school dropout.

Try to make your films as original as possible. Narrative skills and the clarity of the

message related to the early school dropout are really important to get a good mark.

We can only accept one entry per participant… so choose your best one! Your film should

be a maximum of 3 min long and must be received by the closing date.

If your film features your friends or other people, please make sure you have asked their

permission to enter your film in this competition..


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