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Logo Contest



  1. Agrupamento de Escolas de Barcelos announces the contest to design a logo to be used in the project “Hi! great home SCHOOL“.
  2. The aim of this contest – is to choose the most suitable project‘s“Hi! great home SCHOOL “. graphic sign which will be used in the official documents.
  3. By participating in the contest, participants agree to abide by the rules and conditions as established below.




  1.  Participants of the contest must be the students, individuals/groups of individuals (hereafter “contest participants“) from the countries that are participating in the project (Poland, Lithuania, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Spain).
  2. The contest is open for all age groups.
  3. One contest participant can submit a number of ideas.


  1. Logo Design Features
    1. The logo should be submitted with a graphical view, the computer programs can be used or it can be drawn. The drawing must be stylized and suitable for the logo.
    2. Logo versions must be: (1) – one colour or (2) a colourful logo (no more than 5 colours).
    3. The graphic sign (logo) can be submitted on the A4 format or using these electronic formats:  .tiff, .jpg, .pdf, .png, .bmp.
    4. General view of the logo must be adaptable in the visual aids and by different technologies.
    5. The graphic view of the logo must keep its attractiveness when used with no colours and smaller graphic view must contain the main features of recognition.
    6. If the title of the project “Hi! great home SCHOOL“.  is used in the logo, it should be written in English and it should create a dynamic completeness together with all symbols.
    7. The graphic sign (logo) has to be an original creation (created by an individual or group of individuals); it cannot break any laws or rights of third parties, for example, it cannot break any authors rights, patents, trademarks; it cannot break any laws of slander, honor and dignity, as well as privacy, publicity, human rights and it cannot break any religious, ethnical, racial, national moral regulations.  
    8. The graphic sign, school‘s talisman cannot be published earlier and it must be created for this particular contest.
    9. The contest participant is advised to submit a short description of the sign and the meaning of colours and objects used in the logo.
    10. The logo should resemble the project‘s activities and image, it has to be visually attractive, positive, simple and non-vulgar.

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