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Our school started education process in 1930s and in the years of 1956-1967, it is established within the secondary school structure and moved to the present building in 1966-1967. Karaman high school that is converted to Karaman Anatolian high school in 2010-2011 education year is the oldest and known education institution. Our school is built on 11200 square and within its structure, it involves student hostel that has 144 student capacity, a sports center, a physics laboratory, a biology laboratory, a chemistry laboratory, a computer laboratory, a painting workshop, a music workshop, a library and 25 classrooms. In the scope of Fatih project, smart boards including internet are available in all classrooms and each student is provided a tablet computers. In Karaman high school, there are 480 students and 45 staff.
Our school has accomplished two considerable projects. With the project``keep healthy`` that has started to be applied in 2013, it is aimed to contribute to be supported youth`s personal and social development, to be provided to accomplish their potentials, to be encouraged to work together for the common target and to be encouraged of tolerance, to be prevented of social exclusion, to be strengthened of social harmony, to be provided of  better communication of youth between their families and society, to be developed of senses including belonging, sensitivity and self-confidence towards the society they live in. our students provided support service to the patients in Karaman state hospital in a scheduled time period. The support was provided to patients that had difficulty in finding a place in the hospital and they were provided to get better and more quality service. The patients received better service and provided treatment in shorter period. The project got the attention of the national press. The cooperation was done with Karaman national education directorate and the other schools were provided to become the part of ``keep healthy`` project in Karaman. In 2014-2015 education year, 6 high schools and two primary schools participated in the project. The project lasted about three months with 2068 students and thanks to the project, it was the effects of the project reached mass of people.
``The blue caterpillar`` is another project that was accomplished within the structure of our school in local level. In Karaman, various kinds of activities were organized to spend summer holiday effectively. The project was applied in 2012 and got the attention of national press.  The project that started to be applied with protocol signed among Karaman high school, directorate of family and social politics, youth services, provincial directorate of sports, the students were given social, cultural and morality related courses were given in the morning and they were included swimming, tennis, theatre and music activities to develop individual capabilities in terms of the designed project that aimed to provide and develop the expected sporty, cultural and social capabilities  in the summer holiday period as the knowledge gaining decreases in this period of time.